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December 13-14, 2021
Kfar Maccabiah, Ramat Gan, Israel

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Local Organizing and Scientific Committees, it is our great pleasure to invite you to participate in the 19th Israel Materials Engineering Conference (IMEC2021), to be held in Tel-Aviv on December 13–14, 2021. This internationally recognized vibrant conference is the 19th installment of an ongoing series, first held in 1981. It is the central conference of the materials community in Israel, combining fundamental and applied research. It brings together academia, research institutes, industry, investors, non-government organizations, and government representatives to exchange information, consolidate joint research programs, and discuss commercial endeavors and future opportunities.

The conference will attempt to reflect the recent breakthroughs in the field. It will cover a broad range of topics, including nanomaterials, biomaterials, materials for energy systems, cleantech, advanced characterization techniques, and more.

The broad coverage by IMEC2021 should provide scientific inspiration and stimulation to an interdisciplinary audience, including materials, mechanical, electrical, chemical, aeronautical, biomedical, environmental, and nuclear engineers, as well as chemists,physicists, archaeologists, and professionals in life sciences and medicine. Each day, several plenary presentations will be given by internationally renowned scientists discussing novel classes of materials and advanced characterization techniques, emphasizing their role in global development. We are both honored and proud of the distinguished guest speakers from abroad that have confirmed their participation in IMEC2021! The conference will also include specialized topical sessions, poster sessions, and a commercial exhibition. 

The commercial exhibition will feature the latest equipment, materials, and services available in Israel. The Local Organizing Committee made sure to enable a large exhibition venue with modern facilities and sufficient opportunities for interaction. We also decided to subsidize the registration fees for students, making it easier for them to attend. Exhibitors and sponsors are invited to contact us or the conference secretariat in order to learn more about possible contributions to the conference.

We hope to have the honor of welcoming you to IMEC2021.

Note: The conference will be taken place as a “face-to-face” mode and thus will be conducted under “TAV YAROK” and updated COVID19 instructions.


Notice: Deadlines Extended


New Deadline  
October 21st, 2021

Deadline for Abstract Submission 

November 1st, 2021

Early Registration Deadline 

Dec. 13-14, 2021

IMEC2021 Conference 


Sincerely yours,
Professor Shachar Richter

Dr. Noa Lachaman, Prof. Brian Rosen, Professor Yosi Shacham
Local Organizing Committee

Conference organizers- Mantver ltd. 

Contact Us

Prof. Richter Shachar Chairman


To Kfar Maccabiah venue site


Tentative program



Morning refreshments


Poster session and Scientific Exhibition


Welcome / Plenary 1 and Plenary 2


Coffee break


Poster session and Scientific Exhibition


Sessions 1-5


  • Materials for Energy - Part 1
  • 2D Materials - Part 1
  • Computational and Theory
  • Analytical Techniques
  • Corrosion & coating


poster session and Scientific Exhibition


Sessions 6-10


  • Materials for Energy - Part 2
  • 2D Materials - Part 2
  • Oxides and Engineered Quantum Materials
  • Metallurgy and Processing
  • Additive Manufacturing (metals)
Coffee break


Poster session


Poster session and Scientific Exhibition




Morning refreshments


Plenary 3 and Plenary 4


Coffee break


Poster session and Scientific Exhibition


Sessions 11-15


  • Soft matter and Biomaterials - Part 1
  • Polymers and Composites
  • Surfaces of Materials
  • Additive Manufacturing (General)


Poster session and Scientific Exhibition


Sessions 16-20


  • Soft matter and Biomaterials - Part 2
  • Magnetic and Electronic Materials
  • Mechanical and Structural Materials
  • Materials for Optics
  • Materials for Defense and Security
Coffee break & Plenary 5, Prizes etc





 Abramovich Lihi

Amir Elizabeth

Bar on Benny

 Bar-Sadan Maya

Bekenstein Yehonadav

Ben Shalom Moshe

 Benny Ofra

Bormashenko Edward 

Calahorra Yonatan

 Chai Liraz 

Cohen Hagai  

Cohen Noy 

 Dias Yoav 

Dieguez Oswaldo

Elbaz Lior

 Eliaz Noam

Epstein Itai

Eren Baran

 Etgar Lioz

Gidron Ori 

Goldzak Mizrachi Tamar 

 Golub Eyal

Grave Daniel

Grinberg Ilya

 Grolman Joshua M. 

Gross Elad

Gur Dvir

 Gutman Itamar

Hadar Ido

Harats Moshe

 Hayun Shmuel

Hod Oded

Kalcheim Yoav

 Kalisky Beena

Khoury Luai 

Koren Elad

 Kornblum Lior

Kreisel Arik  

Lubomirsky Igor

 Major Dan Thomas

Makov Guy

Manor Ran

 Meshi Louisa

Naamneh Muntaser

Natalio Filipe 

 Naveh Doron

Oron Dan

Popov Inna

 Rabkin Eugen 

Rahinov Igor

Rapaport Hanna

 Regev Oren

Salomon Adi

Segal-Peretz Tamar

 Shalom Menny 

Sherman Dov

Shimanovich Ulyana

 Sokol Maxim

Stein Tamar

Wagner Daniel

 Yaffe Omer 

Ziskind Gennady 

Zucker Ines

Scientific Committee

Ulyana Shimanovich


Maytal Caspary Toroker


Guy Makov


Ilan Goldfarb


Shachar Richter


Doron Naveh


Alexander Strikovsky 


Rakefet Ofek Almog

Azrieli College

Mirit Sharabi


Shmuel Kening

Shenkar College

Eitan Tiferet


Amnon Shirizly


Malki Pinkas


Zev Miller


Lioz Etgar


Rami Cohen


Ronen Verker SNRC


Local Organizing Committee

Shachar Richter

Brian Rosen

Noa Lachman-Senesh

Yosi Shacham 




Scientific Exhibition

Tentative Sessions

Session Chairs
Materials for Energy Lioz Etgar (HUJI)  Doron Aurbach (BIU)
Soft matter and Biomaterials Alejandro Sosnik (TECH) Jacob Klein (WIS)
2D Materials Doron Naveh (BIU) Ariel Ismach (TAU)
Materials for Optics Rami Cohen (Elop) Tal Ellenbogen (TAU)
Metallurgy and Processing Louisa Meshi (BGU) Nachum Frage (BGU)
Magnetic and Electronic Materials Alexander Strikovsky (INTEL) Rakefet Ofek Almog (Azrieli)
Analytical Techniques Yaron Kauffmann (Tech) Atzmon Vakahi (HuJI)
Additive Manufacturing Amnon Shirizly (Rafael) Eitan Tiferet (NRCN)
Oxides and Engineered Quantum Materials Yoram Dagan (TAU) Shmulik Hayun (BGU)
Polymers and Composites Roy Shenhar (HUJI) Shmuel Kenig (Shenkar)
Corrosion, coating and Surface Phenomena Yair Ein Eli (Tech) Tal Kaufman (Simtal)
Mechanical and Structural Materials Mirit Sharabi (Ariel) Dan Mordehai (Tech)
Computational and Theory Leeor Kronik (WIS) Maytal Caspary Toroker (Tech)
Materials for Defense and Security Orna Breuer (Rafael) Michael Gozin (TAU)
Surfaces of Materials
Ilan Goldfarb (TAU)



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